Lernhacks are simple everyday routines, tools, and exercises enabling learners to take ownership of their personal development. No matter which skills or competencies learners intend or might need to learn, Lernhacks help them to plan and manage their own way of learning, specify and pursue their learning goals as well as create and navigate their own learning process efficiently.

In short, Lernhacks are designed to assist learners in their journey to becoming self-directed and more autonomous learners shaping their own learning experiences.

Metacognition is key to successful learning.

Lernhacks are based on the theory of metacognition, meaning the awareness that learning is more effective if individuals are acquiring knowledge and skills AND are reflecting on what they are learning at the same time. By motivating learners to use and develop their beyond learning skills Lernhacks enable individuals to think about what, how, and why they would like to learn, and in what way they aim to design and improve their learning process.